Who We Are

We can say how special and different we are, but we believe actions (and results) speak louder than some marketing fluff. And yes, we realize this is marketing fluff.

Do Some Good

We want to leave things better than we encountered it. And we want to do good work. It’s really that simple.

Make People Happy

Research says people are happier with experiences than things, so we want every experience (online and off) to be a happy one.

Be the Best

If we do awesome work for you, then you and your customers have an easier time being awesome in your life. So not *only* for bragging rights.

Do It Right

No matter the budget, or time crunch, there’s a way to ensure it’s done correctly – there’s no cut and pasting allowed on our projects.

Trust the Experts

We love collaborating with others, after all you know your business best. But we prefer to work with client who don’t want ‘yes men.’

Collaborate and Listen

Most people don’t understand exactly how we do what we do, so we teach along the way. We also love learning how you do what you do.

Our Team

Currently we’re a collection of contractors under our founder and principal, Morgan Landis.
I started Contented Design because research says experiences make us happier than things. And I wanted our every day experiences to be enjoyable ones.
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Morgan was a pleasure to work with – extremely professional but also personable!

Victoria Calderón, Avanza Business Solutions/Bottoms Up Coffee

Let Us Make You Happy

Our Experiences

Our stories are filled with knowledge to help you understand how we do our work, and how you can eventually do most of it on your own.
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