Morgan Landis

Both personally and professionally, she accepts any challenge thrown her way. If she doesn’t know how to do it, she learns quickly – creating an exciting career journey with experience in multiple fields.

Positions She’s Held

  • Senior UX Designer
  • Senior Copywriter
  • Lead Instructional Designer
  • Reporter and Contributing Editor
  • Teacher and Tutor


  • Co-Leader of IxDA Columbus
  • Columbus Web Group
  • Experience Design with Agile and Lean UX Columbus
  • TechLife Columbus

Speaking Events

  • “What Your Website Needs” – Business of Art
  • “Preparing for Digital Projects” – Columbus Web Group

Her Career Journey

Advertising and marketing for local real estate company.

Reporter, photographer, and layout designer for weekly newspaper.

Freelance copywriter for print and digital collateral.

Started UX work and design thinking processes.

Freelance writer and website designer while getting master’s degree.

Instructional designer, UX designer, and Professional Storyteller.

How She Will Work With You

Want to know how Morgan will work with your business or team? She’s taken some of the most popular workplace tests.

Gallop Strength Finder

  1. Strategic
  2. Acitvator
  3. Individualization
  4. Learner
  5. Responsibility


I  (Introversion)

N (iNtuition)

T  (Thinking) 

J  (Judgment)

The Big Five

Open-Minded – High (96%)

Conscientious – High (79%)

Extroversion – Moderate (45%)

Agreeable – High (74%)

Neuroticism – Low (24%)