Strategy and Design

Strategy and Design

Potential client had two websites and a company website. They were introducing a new product and wanted to create an additional website for it. They also wanted to increase their SEO, social media presence, and cross-selling capabilities.

Digital Research
I did a competitive analysis to assess their value proposition and SEO. Since their own sites were competing with each other, I suggested creating one website for all products for best SEO practices.

After a content audit, I deleted duplicate content and aggregated similar content by industry for the best cross-selling opportunities.

End result was reducing three (potentially four) websites with 242 pages to one website with 51 pages.

Content Strategy
After doing an assessment of their social media, I suggested eliminating individual sales associate accounts to have one You Tube Channel per product.

The twitter accounts for the three products would combine to one, as they all worked together to provide support for the clients’ services – and they did not have a social media manager to create a consistent experience for all accounts.


  • Competitive Analysis
  • SEO Analytics
  • Sitemap
  • Low-fidelity Wireframes
  • Content Strategy Outline

Due to proprietary information, some details are redacted.

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