User Experience

Data-Driven Digital Experiences

Our focus is analyzing and designing information for the best user experience.
Our designs are clean, creative, and concise to keep them happy and informed every step of the way.


We learn about what your stakeholders want, what your users want, and what needs to be done to help your users complete their tasks.


By comparing and contrasting competitors, analytics, content, and any other data, we’ll be able to create a happy path for your users.


After collecting and analyzing the data, we can provide structure for websites, apps, software, and other human-computer interactions.

Morgan is most enthusiastic and passionate about designing great user experiences. She’s a huge advocate and defender of the digital user.

Rachel Laskowski, Senior UX Visual Designer

Make Your Digital Experience Better

Discovery Research


A glimpse of what your customer is like through creating a person based off your demographics.

Customer Journey

The visual journey your customer takes when interacting with your brand, business, or product.

Qualitative Research

A collection of stories, interviews, and user feedback that can provide valuable insights into matters.

Quantitative Research

Data collected that can be counted and quantified for valuable insights into the customer.


One-on-one discussions with the people who will be making decisions on the new product or services.

Usability Testing

Testing done with the users on a basic prototype to ensure the product is working as expected.

Define Issues

Competitive Analysis

Comparing and contrasting what your competitors are doing to do it better or differently.

Task Analysis

Studying and evaluating the steps a user must take to make it to their goal or complete their task.

Heuristic Analysis

Checking off the basic user experience best practices to ensure your experiences are a good one.

Data Analysis

Using the analytics, metrics, and other data available to make decisions on the best experiences.

Content Audit

Going through all of your content (copy, images, videos, etc.) and ensuring it’s needed and accounted for.


Organizing, classifying, and labelling content for easy finding and searching for users and stakeholders.

Design Deliverables

Information Architecture

Organizing the content into sitemaps and navigation schemes so the user can find what they need quickly.

Content Strategy

Dividing up content and deciding where it will go (on the website, content marketing, etc.).

Websites (or Wireframes)

A developed website, or if we can’t make it, a sketch or outline to show the layout and features.

Apps and Software

Information and wireframes for apps and software that can be used with your developers.

Voice Recognition Flows

In any program you use, we can show the user’s conversation flow with a voice recognition system.

Augmented Reality & VR Storyboards

Visual storyboards to show how a user can interact with a scene or storyline we’ve created.

Websites For Everyone

From simple sole proprietors, to complex e-commerce sites,
we can handle your small business, nonprofit, and startup websites.
Make Your Digital Experience Better

User Experience and Research

The following pieces are from Morgan Landis’ portfolio, our user experience expert.
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