Grow Your Skills To Grow Your Business

Workshops are $30 each and usually last 1.5 hours. Sign up for all three at $75, saving you $15.
In-house corporate or company workshops available upon request.

Marketing 101

Finding Your Audience

Learn how to do basic research to find who would want your services and where to find those types of people.

Networking Skills

Practice basic ways to make people like you (based on research), what to do at networking events,  and how to do ‘an ask.’

Marketing Resources

Discover basic ways to market yourself and the free avenues that Columbus has for entrepreneurs and small businesses to be heard.

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Make Better Presentations

Public Speaking Skills

Using research, and Morgan’s personal experience from comedy, you’ll learn how to feel more comfortable in front of a crowd.

Morgan’s Article On Public Speaking

Ways to design Presentations

Figure out whether a PowerPoint presentation, Prezi, or handouts are the best way to share your information. Learn basics of each.

Designing Information

Learn basic information architecture; chunking similar information, breaking it down into digestible, designable pieces, and weaving a story through the presentation or document.

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Visual Stories

Create your look; from images to videos, what is your brand going to look like and how you are going to visually represent yourself.

The Right Voice

Find out what are you trying to say (blog posts or social media), and what platform is best to share that information.

Branding 101

Understanding what to do with your logo and messaging and why it’s important to use it consistently.

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